Education: Characteristics of an Effective Educator

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One of the hardest things to define about education and its practitioners is what is considered to be up to standards or codes and what works. Sometimes these things fit together like puzzle pieces and we can see the whole picture coming together, even if we do have some stalls along the way. Many times the curriculum is designed and expected to be taught, but doesn't offer a specific manner of presentation. This leaves a rather large gap for the educators to fill.

What makes an effective teacher is something that will be different for every student. I am sure that if you think back to some of your favorite teachers throughout your educational career they all didn't have the exact same teaching style or traits. No each teacher has their own special identity with their students due to many different factors. So what makes an effective teacher is something that will be explained differently from student to student.

However, there are some characteristics I believe that help educators be an effective teacher. Most of these ideas come from my experiences with teachers, from readings, and my personal experience trying to teach others. To begin with a teacher who is well educated, understands the material they are teaching, and can effectively transfer the lesson to the students will always be an effective educator. It is good for all teachers to fit into this broad statement, but it doesn't really get into the meat of the subject. In order to really be an effective teacher there are many avenues in which they can travel. It really comes down to what the teacher believes will be most effective and how well that style of teaching goes with their character/beliefs. These avenues all have different outcomes when taught by certain teachers. We...