Education for children with learning difficulties

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This essay is concerned with education for children with learning difficulties. The opening paragraphs look at the responsibilities of current education services and their role in educating children with difficulties in learning. Thereafter the essay will focus upon research carried out by the education Support Service on parental view of children with disabilities. Finally a conclusion will be provided so that the reader can analyse the strengths and limitations of the research.

The word disability is a broad term, which represents a complex system of social restrictions imposed on people with impairments by a highly discriminatory society. The term encapsulates all individuals who may suffer from physical, mental, visual or other forms of impairments. However there are disabilities that we cannot see, nor we can realize that they are disabled like a learning disability.

Over the recent years many organisations have been set up to provide provision for these kinds of disabled children who are facing difficulties in their educational life and school careers.

This essay will suggest how such individuals can receive support and what is the role of support services to provide them provision? Furthermore the essay will also outline the services by the local education Authority (LEA) that help disabled children through the schools and what is the role of parents to educate their children.

Generous advisory and support services are a necessary aspect of LEA policy towards children with disabilities and special needs. Head teachers and governors cannot take the needs of these children seriously if the L.E.A. divide their time between ordinary schools and special schools. The special schools should receive advisory support. Yet, more than 90% of children with special needs and learning difficulties remain in ordinary schools. They merit provision and support. The success of advisory service is useful only if accepted and...