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Education in the United States

Has been an important Factor in the economic development of the United States and in the achievement of a high standard of living for most Americans .

Schools, libraries and museums provide learning opportunities for people of all ages .

Development of School-System

During the early history of the United States most schools were privately owned.

Church groups owned and operates many of them .

In the early 1800′s the idea of free public schools began to gain widespread support in the country . State and local governments took the responsibility for establishing public school systems .

By 1918, every state had laws requiring children to attend school until they reached a certain age or completed a certain grade .

Structure of the Educational System

About 90% of American schools, elementary and high schools and about half of its institutions of higher learning, are free and public.

Most of them are co-educational.

The rest are fee-charging private schools, mostly Roman Catholic parochial schools. Private schools are mostly single-sex schools.

American education comprises three levels:

*elementary education, there are about 79000 Schools in the USA

*secondary education, there are about 29000 High Schools

*higher education, there are about 3000 colleges, universities, and community or junior colleges in the country .

Schooling is compulsory from the ages of 5 to 16.

There are several structural patterns in use, depending on the location:

*6-3-3 plan: Elementary School: grades 1-6; Junior High School: grades 7-9;

Senior High School: grades 10-12;

*8-4 plan: Elementary School: grades 1-8; High School; grades 9-12;

*6-6 plan: Elementary School: grades 1-6; High School; 7-12;

All plans lead to high school graduation at about 17 to 18 years of age.

Many American children begin their schooling before enrolling in first grade .

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