"The Education of Little Tree".

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This chapter starts out with Little Tree looking into the stream and studying frog eggs and a bug called a musk bug. The musk bug is a small bug that excretes a sweet and thick smelling odor. Granma likes sweet smelling things so Little Tree gave them to her. At dinner, Granma exclaims that Little Tree is onto something. Granma said that what Little Tree did was good because for when you come on something that is good, first thing to do is share it with whoever you can find; that way , the good spreads out to where no telling It will go.

Little Tree would get wet but Granma didn't say anything because it wasn't like a Cherokee to not like that. Little Tree would go exploring far up the little stream. He watched as spiders made webs out of their thin cable. They would leap back and forth, back and forth.

Little Tree watched a spider that was going to have the widest web if he completed his. Well he kept trying to jump across and he fell into the water three times and then he struggled for his life. The fourth try he leapt up and down and when the leaf went up he jumped across and made it! Little Tree had learned to walk like a Cherokee with you toe down, not your heel.

A ways up the stream, there was a gum tree and this was Little Tree's secret place. Ol' Maud got quiet when they got here because he knew that this was a secret place. Little Tree couldn't keep his secret place a secret and she told him that most Cherokee's have one. Granma said that everybody had two minds. The first one was the body one that let...