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AUTHOR: Forrest Carter (1925 - 1979) Foreword by Rennard Strickland

Forrest Carter was born on September the 4th in 1925, in Oxford, Alabama as Asa Earl Carter (also known as "Ace" Carter).

Asa Carter was the eldest of four children, he had two brothers and a sister, and their parents rose all in Oxford, Alabama as well. Carter's father lived at least long enough to purchase a farm on which the adult Asa Carter's family lived - he visited on weekends from his work in Montgomery, and his mother outlived him by nearly 20 years.

Asa carter attended the local elementary school in 1942. Later he joined the navy and became, like his future boss George Wallace, a boxing chap. After the war, Carter married Thelma India Walker, a high school sweetheart, moved to Colorado, and attended the state university in Boulder. His vocation was radio broadcasting, political writing and political agitation.

After graduating from the University of Colorado, he returned to Alabama and established a career as a fulltime racist.

After getting fired from a radio station for criticizing National Brotherhood Week, Carter formed a group called the White Citizens Council, an organization that embodied the same fundamental views as the Ku Klux Klan. But his association didn't last. So Carter helped create a new more vicious organization, the original Ku Klux Klan of the Confederacy. The members wore Confederate gray robbes instead of white robbes. Numerous acts of violence were associated with the "new Klan". The most famous is the assault on the black singer Nat "King" Cole at a concert in Birmingham in 1957. In the same year they beat Birmingham civil rights activist Fred Shuttlesworth and stabbed his wife.

Less well know but far uglier was the 1957 abduction of a...