Education outside the US and how it compares to education in the US

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Education can be defined as all forms of human learning or more narrowly as the process that occurs in specialized institutions called "schools". It is unquestionably the most important form of human resource development. In most countries only the best high school graduate are admitted to higher learning institutions. In the United States, a higher education is very easy to achieve, even if the person didn't do that well in school. Both systems have strengths and weaknesses that make the systems work and not work. I believe that everybody should have the chance to get a higher level of education no matter how well or awful they did in school.

Outside of the United States, the world for people that didn't do too good in school is harsh. People that didn't try too hard in school to achieve their best grades, have to settle for working in factories producing clothes and shoes for little wages, because they have no chance to go to a college or a university.

For example, China has one of the harshest school systems in the world, along with Russia. Children in both countries know that they must do excellent in school, in order to just compete with the other children to get into college. They know that without a solid background of good grades, they might have to work cruel and ruthless jobs for 12 to 16 hours, unlike those kids that got into colleges and universities that have to work only 8 to 10 hours. The strength of this type of system is that you are picking out the best students to do the best jobs. Those that can't get the grades they need should not be allowed to get the jobs of their choice and should work those ruthless jobs with long hours.