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Public Education versus Private Education A person's education is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not they will become a productive member of society. That is why when considering an education the quality of the education is almost as important as the education itself. So when private schools came into the picture the debate then began between public and private schools.

Public schools are definitely a lot more relaxed. They are equal it is not as much about what your last name, is or what kind of car you drive, or the neighborhood you live in, it's about the individual. The kids do not think that they are better just because of what school they go to. Also private schools are predominately white so students do not get to experience all the different cultures that they will have to encounter in the real world. In public schools every child is provided with an education regardless of social or economic factors.

Scholarships are given more often to public schools rather than private. Public schools also offer more special programs for kids with learning problems and disabilities. Children with disabilities are also able to interact with other children that have disabilities. This allows them to relate to the children and it builds self-esteem. Many factors come into place when choosing between a private and a public school. You need to take into consideration the needs of the child, what you can afford and the advantages and disadvantages of each type of school. Money is usually a big factor. Most of the high rated private schools can be costly. According to the National Association of Independent Schools the median for private day schools in the United States is close to $12,000 for grades 1-3, $13, 000 for grades 6-8...