The education system in Hong Kong

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The education system problems in Hong Kong

From 1841 to 1997, Hong Kong education was closely modeled on the system that was found in the UK, at that time Hong Kong was administered by Britain. On 1st July 1997, China got back the former UK colony. Since then, the education system had experienced a lot of changes. For example, the Hong Kong government has changed the nine years compulsory and free schooling system to 12 years education. Nowadays, studying in Hong Kong is no longer easy and is said to be extremely tough. Students are so stressed that there were some cases of students committing suicide due to pressure in this year. In this essay I will argue the Education Bureau of Hong Kong should encourage students to relax themselves more instead of only focusing on academic results, which can effectively help students release their tension on studying. I will first introduce two main problems on the education system in Hong Kong.

Then focus on the countermeasures of how to make the education system better and students not stressful.

Firstly, it has been criticized that Hong Kong education system is being extremely tough. When comparing to other schools in different countries, schools in Hong Kong are much more exam-orientated. Specifically, students in Hong Kong have quizzes or tests on each subject weekly; and exams every three months. With regard to each student compulsory studies eight of these subjects: Chinese; English; Mathematics; Geography; Economics; Western History; Chinese History; Chinese literature, Physics; Biology and Chemistry, it is a time-consuming process for them to revise each subject daily. Despite of this, they are given a large number of nightly homework daily. Therefore, Hong Kong students are in a stressful situation every day without having leisure time to do what they want or to...