Education will be truly effective only when it is specifically designed to meet the individual needs and interests of each student.

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Maybe students would have better opportunities to inspire their full potentials under education specifically designed for each individual needs and interests. However, considering the inhibiting cost and the associate results, this kind of education could hardly be defined as an effective one and even too ideal to survive.

Undeniably, educating students by catering their needs and interests is an efficient way to stimulate their activity of learning. It is truly effective when the teaching method can attract every student's interests and feed each person's needs. How can a student learn more things more effectively via the way he don't like? For instance, a child will more quickly get to know the toy which attracts him most and find joy from it.

However, in the real life, it is impossible to design a magic education to cover everyone's needs. Since each individual in the world is unique, the needs would be totally different in education, then in order to satisfy to all, it should be constructed an extremely large education pattern in both vertical and horizontal levels.

On the other hand, the resources for such ideal education are limited, especially in the developing countries. China, for instance, with 130 billion people including 56 minorities in 960,000 kilometers realm, which is the greatest population in the world, would need hundreds and thousands dollars to design more various textbooks and to construct greater different kinds of schools to suit for each student's needs, and so do the human resource. While comparing to the financial needed in such education pattern, the economical situation in China is too weak to support.

Furthermore, it would be a barrier of exploding one's potential if education was subdued to individual's interests, especially to children who abound with unrealized capability waiting practical method to dig it out. For example,