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What changes need to be made to improve the Turkish school system? How would these changes improve the system?

It can not be said that the education system in Turkey works well. In order to improve our country, some thoughts must be created to improve the Turkish school system. Many children in Turkey can't have a chance to go to school even though it is an obligation, and also many schools do not have sufficient conditions for education. To cope with these problems, in order to improve the Turkish school system, there are three main ways which are education in our own language, obligation to go to school for eleven years instead of eight years and certainly no necessity for university exam.

Not only to improve the school system, but also to improve ourselves better, education language must be Turkish in Turkey. This will improve the school system because this will create more talented people in their jobs.

Foe example the students in Sabanci University have lots of difficulties in understanding English physics and mathematics books and also in understanding the lessons so this makes them to work harder than normal, this makes them more tired than normal. Certainly in any place of the world, people firstly think in their own language so teaching in people's own language makes people more successful, because of all of these reasons teaching in people's own language is more useful.

Also there must be an obligation for eleven years education instead of eight tears. If this change is made, after some period of time, Turkey will have a more contemporary and well-informed society. In Turkey, many problems occur because of ignorance and deficiency in general knowledge, so if the time of obligatory education increases, these problems can decrease. This reform in school system will...