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INTRODUCTION Systems of education are eminently complex social systems. That is, they are subject to the interaction of people. Therefore, the goals or central mission(s) of education systems are likely to be complex as well, due to the multiple constituencies placing demands on and providing support to them. Educational change is aimed at the amelioration of a system (e.g., curriculum, methodology, institutional, etc.) for the overall improvement of said system. It is geared, in particular, to the ever-changing needs of its client-base, (i.e., students, teachers, administration, policy makers, and community members). As such, educational change should not be limited in its scope. That is, the focus of change, innovation, or reform in education must be directed toward a multitude of persons in a curricular reform project. It is important to consider the students, their parents, the communities in which these children reside and to which they have access, the teachers who are implementing the changes, and the administration that is working toward developing the protocols involved in the change and enforcing the directives for the changes.

"The progress of any innovation must be examined in relationship to a complex network of groups, individuals, and organizations having a stake in the innovation"� (Miles, 1964). Factors related to power such as, race relations and decision-making, may become more salient during the course of educational change. At times, such factors may take precedence in importance over the innovation itself. It is therefore essential that the people involved in the change be significant contributors to the act of planning, implementing, and evaluating the educational change.

The interdependence of people within the educational system, that is, between and among the clients and the contributors, is hugely noteworthy. The community can have a significant impact on the financial aspect of the endeavor. For example, community political...