Educational Problems in Arkansas         I chose to write about Education.

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Educational Problems in Arkansas I chose to write about Education. In my eyes education is what makes this country run. Those who go to school are the future of tomorrow. I can not imagine what it would be like if we did not have some type of educational system. There are two problems that I am going to address along with a few solutions and future problems that the state of Arkansas might face.

The first of the two problems that I see have to do with teacher's salaries. Teachers in Arkansas make anywhere from $25,000 to $35,000 dollars a year. In this day and age, this is barely enough money to support a teacher and his or her spouse. If this couple wanted to have two kids, there is no way that they could survive on the $30,000 dollars that the one person is making. So, the other parent is eventually forced to go to work.

When both of these parents are at work, the kids have to go to a day care center. As these kids grow into teenagers, both of their parents will have to keep a full-time job and do not ever get to see their kids. When the teenagers move out, they feel rejected, which in turn leads of a serial killer. Now one should be able to see this growing problem, yet there needs to be some solutions proposed.

The second problem that I see within the educational system of Arkansas is the lack of technology in the classrooms. For instance, at my high school we have about thirty-five computers in the entire school that are hooked up to the Internet. We only have about forty-five computers in the school while some schools in Texas have laptop computers that they issue to each student! Arkansas is rapidly growing outdated. The world is quickly changing from a time of televisions and radios to a time of computers and high-speed links. If there are still states similar to Arkansas with schools that have a student to computer ratio of almost nine, when this change is complete, we are going to be in big trouble.

Texas has some of the highest paid teachers and is one of the most technologically advanced states in the United States. One would ask why? It is because of a single thing called a Lottery. Arkansas does not have a lottery, and I can not tell one a good reason why we do not. Yet, I can almost guarantee that if Arkansas did create a state wide lottery, the revenue would be so great that Arkansas would be able to cut the property tax while still having an increase in teacher salary and money left over for the technological advancement of schools.

These problems that I have brought up definitely need some immediate attention. Yet one must be asking oneself, what can we do about it? Well, there are other ways to deal with these problems other than the one I have listed above. For instance, bring the problem out to the public. How do I do that you ask? First off, you must create a constituency or a group of followers. Once you have that, it will be much easier to perform tasks because the United States Government is a government of the people, by the people, for the people. They must to listen to what everyone has to say.

After you have gathered your constituency, you need to present the problem to the press. The press is the voice of the people. Do you think that when the governor of any state gets up in the morning, he starts looking through the mail that individuals have sent him? No he does not. He has someone go and get him all of the major newspapers of his state. You ask why. It is because he wants to know what the people are saying, what issues he needs to address, when he needs to address them.

Now that you have gotten his attention, you along with all of your followers, each need to write him a letter prosing each individuals' thoughts on the matter a hand. In this letter, after you have talked about the problem, you need to propose a few solutions because he is only human and can not come up with all of the answers.

In my case, all of my constituents are upcoming seniors in High School. You are probably wondering how teacher's salaries and the technological advancement of Arkansas schools are appealing subjects to a bunch of high school seniors whom of which are about to graduate? Well, many of the students in my school want to become a teacher yet are scared away because of the horribly low salaries. As far as technology is concerned, many of my constituents also have littler brothers or sisters who will be affected by the lack of change in the Arkansas school system.

Because of my known leadership qualities and my well-known excellence in academics and extracurricular activities, I am a very prominent figure in my community. So, when I go to the local newspaper and ask them to write about the problems that my constituents and I would like to bring out, they will more than likely not have any objections. The publication of our discovered problems will convince many other people who read the newspaper to join our worthy cause.

When my constituency grows large in number, we will all go to a major newspaper company and ask them to write our problems we have come up with. If they refuse, we will go on some kind of march that will in turn draw national media to our cause. If they agree to publish what we ask then the Governor of Arkansas will read about it in the morning newspaper.

I believe that I have a Type B Personality because when the large newspaper turned me down, I would not have gotten mad or turned violent. I would have simply done something to draw a larger, more important media crowd.

A future problem that I think the entire nation will face is the replacement of real teachers with computer courses that one can take over the Internet to be counted as school. My only solution to this potential problem is to not let it happen. If this does happen, the economy will break down because of all the lost jobs. Millions upon millions of people will lose their jobs. We will slip into another depression like the Great Depression that took place in the 1930s. If this does happen, the United States will no longer be considered the super power of the world.