Educational Progress.

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My Educational Progress

In my life I've been to many private and public schools. I also have been put out of quiet a few. No one ever believed that I would make it this far; everyone thought that I would not make it. But, I proved everyone wrong obviously they did not know what they were taking about. I am so proud of myself for accomplishing something that I could have done in 2002.

My bad behavior has always been a problem way before I even began to attend school. I really became a troublesome kid just around the age of three years old. I got put out of preschool for terrible behavior. All I used to do was fight. Even though I had terrible behavior I always was smart. I always had straight A's, and stayed on merit roll and honor roll all the way up until the eighth grade.

As soon as I got to the ninth grade it was over. I began coming home with D's and F's. All I wanted to do was cut school and do what I wanted to do. I used to cut up on my mother even though she would give me any and everything. I went everywhere and did everything that a regular teenager would do. Despite me not going to school and bringing home those terrible grades. I went to Disney World every summer. I stayed out of town.

Before I had my son I attend Life Skills Center of Cleveland, but that did not work either. I could stay woke during class and I could not wake up and go to school everyday. That's when I found out I was pregnant. I felt as if I being tired all day everyday made me not want to be at school,