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1.0 Executive Summary

(A) SWOT Analysis

Every business and product has particular Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Analysing these aspects of a product/business can aid in the development of the product and or business. This section is a thorough evaluation of these qualities.

(B) Marketing Objectives

All businesses have a marketing objective, the aim for the business/product and how they want consumers to identify with their business/product. The Educator aims to build a good reputation and be perceived as an elite organising device at value for money.

(C) Marketing Research

Marketing Research provides the information that will aid in the development of the product and marketing strategies. Thorough marketing research was conducted for the product.

(D) Marketing Mix

Marketing mix is a collection of product, pricing, promotion and distribution issues. These variables can be adapted to control the marketing objectives. These issues have been carefully studied and modified to guarantee The Educators marketing objectives are reached.

(E) Budget

Budgeting is an influential control point for all parts of a business. The way in which money is budgeted can often be the decider for wether a business/product will fail or succeed. The budget for The Educator is safe and will ensure no major loss will result if the product does not succeed.

(F) Concluding Comments

This Marketing Plan has been carefully planned out; it will guide the success of The Educator.

2.0 SWOT Analysis

Appendix 5

2.1 Strengths

(a) Appeals to a wide range of people

The sale of this product can be aimed at a wide range of people. The many different devices included in this product are extremely useful to ages 10 and up. The larger the target market the more chance The Educator has at selling.

(b) Original Idea

The Educator is an original idea. There is no...