Edvard Munch "the Scream" Art Critique

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This report was to capture the essence and explain briefly a student response to visiting and viewing edvard munch's "the scream" my teacher loved the choice of words and dictation. This can be used for an oral presentation (roughly 2-3 minutes in length) or just for saying you studied the piece and this was your response! GOOD LUCK!

Art Response : THE SCREAM

Agony? Uncertainty? Pain? All of these emotions are easily perceived when one observes Edvard Munch's painting "The Scream." It is a piece that has a level of light and freshness to it as well as a more darker side.

The figure in the painting is one that seems very uncertain and scared of something. His pale tones make him appear "flushed." The open mouth and eyes wretched to one side give the look of terror or fear of what might be to the side of the figure.

The hands over the figures ears also give the sense the want to be left alone, or to not hear what is going on.

What is the obscene or terrifying thing that the figure doesn't want to deal with? I believe there is something the viewer can not see. Something lies down the stretched bridge that the figure is terrified to turn to face.

The background colors of the painting help to clarify the mod of the figures surroundings. The sky is filled with vivid oranges and yellows, softly blending into each other. The cool blue waters calmly touch the beige beach sands. These colors suggest a sedate area in which this character exists.

The most interesting characteristic of all in "The Scream" is the level of distortion that Edvard Munch painted the piece in. Everything is blurred or misconstrued. The colors flow freely into one another suggesting that...