In Edwin Muirs “The Interrogation” he describes the need to

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In Edwin Muirs "The Interrogation" he describes the need to be free from imprisonment and in justice. The theme that Muir mostly looks at in the poem is having to hold on and endure the pain for as long as possible. This poem is very dramatic and emotional to the reader. Edwin Muir creates a very realistic atmosphere to add to the setting.

Edwin Muirpoem has a basic type of form. The form expresses his ideas naturally The length of the sentences are about 8 words long each. The poem consists of 21 lines. There is hardly no punctuation in the poem, the use of enjambment is frequent. The dialogue is easy to read and fast flowing.

There is a lot of imagery in the poem. "we have stood throughout the standing day" There is not really a lot of color to make the images of the setting not truly vivid.

There are not a lot of similes or metaphor in the poem either. Muir only wants to get to the point and express his thoughts.

The diction and word choice is very good. It reveals the characters and shows the relationships of them. This creates an eerie mood In line 17 there is repetition, of the phrase "careless lovers." Line 11 shows the imprisonment and the slavery of not being able to move which is hard. Because it gets tiring and they have been kept there for a good part of the day.

The words "go by", "saunte by", and "rising up" all have a impact. There impact is movement. Which is torturing for the people held against there will, because they cant move and they are dieing to break free Anton Pillay Licoln International School of Uganda 11 Grade