The Effect of Caffeine on Reactions

Essay by wangyee November 2002

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SC 1-The Effect of Caffeine on Reactions


1. Sugar taken

2. Exercise

3. Activity

4. Food taken

5. Pulse


I will be investigating the pulse before and after taking coke, which contains caffeine. I predict that as you take caffeine it will speed up your reactions. I think this will happen because caffeine is a stimulant. This drug increases the blood pressure and stimulates the central nervous system, this also stimulates the action of the heart and lungs. This stimulant speeds up the nervous system and excites it which increases the alertness. In the nervous system there are gaps called synapses and this decides which choice of action you want to take. This drug speeds up the chemical transmission across the synapses so you are more alert and keeps you awake.


For this experiment I would need: -

For this experiment I will take my pulse and record it, I will then fill up my cup with coke (170ml) and drink it down.

I will then wait 15 minutes using the stop-clock to time it, whilst sitting down quietly. I will then take my pulse again and I will record it. I will then see the difference in the pulse rate. Also I will test my reactions on the computer before and after I drink the coke. I will also see the difference between the reaction times.

I will make sure that the test is faire by using the stop-clock to time fifthteen minutes. Also to make it faire I will compare my results will others. There is also going to be a control and someone will be testing decaffeinated coke.

There will be factors that will effect the test, like the test will be after dinner so I have to watch out about what I...