What is the effect of caffeine on soybeans

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What is the effect of caffeine on the growth of soybeans?

Introduction: The plants used in the experiment are Glycine max, commonly known as soybeans. This table shows the taxonomy of the Glycine max.

Kingdom Plantae ( plant)

Division Magnoliophyta (flowering plant)

Class Magnoliopsida (angiosperms)

Order Fabales(an order of flowering plants)

Family Fabaceae (bean family)

Genus Glycine (a genus of the Fabaceae family

Species Max (soybean)

Hypothesis: My hypothesis is that the caffeine will have a negative effect on the plant's growth. The caffeine will stun the plant's growth, and maybe even kill the plant. As the amount of caffeine given to the plant increases, the damage to the plant will also increase. Therefore, the control group should grow the most, than the plants given the 15% solution, and the plants given the 50% solution should grow the least.


1. A 15% caffeine solution

2. A 50% caffeine solution

3. 10 soybean seeds

4. 3 containers

5. Tap water

6. 2 plastic bags


1. Put the 30 soybeans into the 2 plastic bags (5 in each) and then put the bags in an area where there is no light.

2. After the seeds germinate, (It should take a few days) put them into 3 containers by putting 3 seeds in each (One seed did not germinate).

3. Label one container the control, one container for the 30% solution, and one container for the 50% solution

4. Now put the seeds into an area where they will receive 8-10 hours of sun a day (This is the amount of sun that soybeans grow the healthiest in).

5. Water the control group with .4 liters of normal tap water.

6. Water the 15% group with .4 liters of the 15% caffeine solution.

7. Water the 50% group with...