What is the effect of Cold when applied to skin to heart rate?

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How does Exposure to Cold Effect Heart Rate?

Abstract: The purpose of this lab experiment was to see how heart rate reacted to exposure to cold. First we took a normal heart rate as our constant, with no factors altering it. Then we applied an ice pack to the neck of the subject, and recorded the data. The results were that the subject's heart rate after exposure to cold was less than before exposure. In conclusion, the results supported our hypothesis, which was that if we exposed a subject to cold, then the heart rate will drop.

Background: The purpose this experiment was to see how exposure to cold effected heart rate. Last year in biology, we did a similar experiment so I had some background knowledge on what would happen to the heart rate. I also looked online to similar experiments and they all supported my hypothesis.

The goal of this experiment was to get a change in heart rate when exposed to cold. If the subject had no change, that would be an irregularity because all the sources I looked into and of multiple designed experiments all said that the heart rate should change.

Hypothesis: If we expose a subject to cold, then the subject's heart rate will drop.

Materials and Methods:



-Computer with Vernaier Logger Pro Software

-Vernair LabQuest mini with USB cable

-Vernair heart rate hand-grip monitor


-Lab Journal

Results: The results were that the heart rate was lower after the ice pack was applied than before. We took 2 tests and both yielded the same results. As you can see in the "Heart Rate as a Vital Sign" chart, the dark red line is the constant. The constant started off low, then increased, then decreased. The...