Effect of Cyber Threats in Thailand

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Effects of Cyber Threats in Thailand

Authored by: Teerayut Teerapratham (EL591, DEC)

Submitted to: Asst. Prof. Thanom Tiensawangchai

Language Institute Thammasat University

Submission date: June 22, 2014

Cyber Threats in Thailand

Cyber Threats in Thailand


This research was aimed to explore the impact of cyber threats on consumers in Thailand and to find out suggestions on how to protect ourselves from cyber threats. The cyber threats in Thailand are continuously increasing and widespread in many sectors such consumers, companies, and government sector. They can damage data privacy and assets of people, online business and government services. Finding from this research revealed that people are the main factor of cyber threat effect and many organizations doing online business give priority to training their employees and implement international security standard. It is suggested that internet users should understand what cyber threats are and learn how to protect themselves from cyber threats, organizations should implement security standard in their units.

Cyber Threats in Thailand

Cyber Threats in Thailand 9

Nowadays, computer system, computer network and electronic devices are widely connected together to support people for communication, company for their own business operation, government for facilitation their people. Computers and the Internet have become critical parts of daily life in Thailand. Although people use computers such as desktop, mobile phone and tablet connect to the internet or other computer network that called cyberspace to facilitate their life and utilize their business, there are a lots of threats that many people who uneducated in computer security could be a victim from these cyber threats and lose their money or data privacy. Cyber threats are potential cyber events that may cause unwanted outcomes, resulting in harm to a system or organization. Threats may originate externally or internally and may originate from individuals or organizations (World...