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Lauren J BrowerPsychology 210ProfessorSeptember 15, 2008AbstractDivorce is common in American culture. Children are often caught in the middle often this tumultuous situation. Children of divorcing parent often are extremely affected by the loss of a parent. The change in the child's life is a major impact on the child. The loss of daily routines and familiar home situations can be a source of anxiety for the child. Many children exhibit sign of anger, frustration and sorrow. The ways and amount of emotions displayed vary depending on the child's age. This paper will examine the various impacts that divorce has on children.

Divorce is an intensely stressful experience for all children, regardless of age or developmental level; many children are inadequately prepared for the approaching divorce by their parents. Children at the beginning of a divorce have numerous emotions. Primarily composed of a sense of vulnerability as the family disintegrates, many children do not realize their parents' marriage is troubled.

This paper there will be a discussion of the following topics1. What the onset of this life change do children experience?2. What is the reaction to grief of the loss of the intact family?What the onset of this life change do children experience?The experience of a loss of the non-custodial parent is sundry feeling of intense anger of the disruption of the family, and of powerlessness for the child caught in the middle. Usual and customary support systems tend to dissolve, though the ignorance or reluctance of adults to actively seek out this support for children. "A study in 1980 found that less than 10% of children had support from adults other than relatives during the acute phase of the divorce" (Kalaman 2007). The concept of being alone in the world is a very frightening thing for a child to...