This about the effect of the Ford Model-T car on the economy during the "Roaring Twenties".

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The "Roaring Twenties" were times of the second industrial revolution. It took place at the end of World War I. Reasons for the second industrial revolution was electricity got cheaper, more product advertising, installment buying, and new inventions were being created because of ideas that helped win the war. A great invention that had a huge effect on the economy was the automobile.

One of the invention that started to really pick up in sales was the automobile with combustion engines that was manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford the owner of the company created reliable cars at affordable costs. Prices of cars was lowered by 75% by Ford. Nine out of ten families had a car.

It helped the whole economy by creating a way to get to people to their jobs easier, new factories were to be created to keep up with the materials to be manufactured for the car, and more jobs were open for the public which at the time had high unemployment because businesses were shutting down to demobilize.

Transportation before cars were trains, horses, and bicycles. The people would have to get jobs closer to where they live to save the trouble of transportation. People now weren't just able to drive to other towns and cities for their jobs they could go on vacations and out for dinner at new places. Tourism went up after the cars were made. Which would happen to help the unemployed people to go looking for the new open jobs in factories.

Some industries that would be helped by the manufacturing of cars would be rubber, glass, oil, and steel industries. New businesses that would be opening because of the car would be the garages, gas stations, tires and part manufacturers. This would help millions...