The Effect of Improvement in Technology on Cars in the 21st Century

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December 2, 2013

EN 101

The Effect of Improvement in Technology on Cars in the 21st Century

On a cold, rainy Saturday morning, the road was full of water from two days of continuous rain. The road's drains were overflowing. My mom, my younger sister and I left for the airport at around 6:00 a.m. All the cars on the road were driving slowly, and the fog made it almost impossible for our driver to see the road. My mom and my sister had a flight to Lebanon at 10:00 a.m. that day and I had gone with them to the airport to help them with their bags.

The traffic on the road to the airport was terrible and the car in front of us was spraying water on our windshield. It was a narrow road but our driver was impatient, so he moved to the incoming lane to try to overtake the car.

There was a car coming on the other lane with full speed. Our driver quickly branched into an exit but the incoming vehicle still hit the rear end of our car. Our car lost control and spun around as it came to a stop when the axle ripped off. I pushed the airbags away from my face, opened the door and helped my mom and sister out of the car. There was a little damage to the rear end of our car, it was a 2010 Jeep; the other car, which was a 1980 Corvette, was upside down and almost completely damaged but luckily no one died. As I called my dad to tell him what had happened, I realized how thankful we should be for the development of modern car safety. When talking about cars now and fifty years ago...