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We have all been involved in work of one kind or another, which has proved valuable for our growth as people. The job may have been boring or satisfying. But it had some impact on our thinking about what we wanted out of life, or how we were going to plan our futures. Job(s) experiences can affect the decisions we make about our lives today and tomorrow.

I have worked at two different jobs. The first one was at the "Worcester Public Library" as a volunteer doing some community service. I did that every Friday starting at 3:00 to 5:00 or 6:00 o'clock. I started this job in the being of the preceding school year and ended it on the last Friday of the former school year. What I did there every Friday for two to three hours was shelve books and help the patrons find what they were looking for.

On the other hand my other job was at "Pizza Tower". I worked their this past summer four days a week from about 4:30 to 9:00 p.m. At this job I got paid, what I did there was work up front (cashier), taking orders, and answering phone(s).

At first I was interested and excited to go to both jobs, but then I sort of got bored going to the Library. But I still went and finished the year. Both jobs taught me many things like; responsibility, organization, increased my listening skills (when taking orders), communication skills (getting to talk to different people), and mathematical skills (dealing with money at Pizza Tower). I also learned something very important from both jobs. That was that I need to finish my full education. This is so that in the future I can work at a job I enjoy and never get bored of and also to be respected more in this world's educational generation period. So I want to now finish my college education and become a pharmacist.

I believe my job experiences changed me as a person today. Even little job(s) like babysitting my younger siblings made me more responsible. Jobs like these do give you an over view on life in the future for you as a working individual. They may be as little as doing a chore in your house; like taking out the garbage every Friday. Jobs make a person more open minded from having to deal with so many different people. Jobs can also make you find yourself in this world. What I mean by this is that you get to stop and think of your real future. Who are you going to be? And Do I really want to be that or do that? Those are the questions I asked myself every time I am finished with my day of part time work. I learned tremendous things from working at these two different jobs. I learned to be more patient and understanding. I became more open minded and open hearted. I also found out what path I am going to take to led me to the future I really want. Job experiences are very important I believe for every one.