Effect of motivation on various services industry.

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1.1 Motivation

"Motivation is willingness to exert high levels of efforts towards organizational goals, conditioned by the ability to satisfy needs."

- Stephen Robings

Motivation comes from a desire to succeed and every individual has different motivation drive.


How to be motivated

There are a number of questions to ask ourselves if we are feeling unmotivated:

- How have we motivated ourselves in the past?

- Do we set goals?

- What distracts us from achieving what we want to do?

Motivation comes from within us. Our level of motivation is affected by such things as stress and can lead to, or be caused by other feelings such as anxiety and depression. Motivation begins with establishing a series of goals or planning a desired direction

Goal Setting

Goals need to be identified. They should be realistic and achievable. Setting short-term goals is important at first because they are usually more easily achieved.

This leads to a greater sense of achievement and once out of the way can lead on to bigger goals.


What we want for ourselves or what others expect of us can be a source of pressure. Expectations need to be realistic. Beliefs about what we think we should be able to achieve also need to match how we are feeling at the time. Expecting too much of ourselves can undermine motivation.


Determine what you really want to achieve and 'go for it'. It is easier to motivate ourselves when the papers we are studying really interest us. However we also need to find ways to motivate ourselves in subjects which interest us less but are a necessary part of our program. Others taking an interest in what we are doing can also help.


We should be aware of the...