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We are awfully inadequate and bad in providing systematic and regular user instruction services

particularly user induction, user-orientation, and user-education. There are hardly any usereducation

module to proudly present to an average user.

Some have imported AV programmes to their users . There is no local orientation to such

programmes developed abroad. Majority of the libraries do not have regular user-induction and

orientation programmes especially for new-entrants in using libraries as well as new systems and

services based on IT.

A few modules of user orientation programmes are developed in RECT library and tested for the

purpose .RECT library have not only find ways and means of inducing and inducting the newentrants

but also make use of IT to take library to the users .The modules thus prepared were also

used as a marketing technique towards the sale and distribution of information products and

services of RECT Library.


User induction, User Orientation, User assistance, Library Instruction, Library Guiding,

Bibliographic instruction, Initiation of users.


User Education is concerned with educating the users in the use of library with a view to enable

them to derive maximum benefit from the materials kept with the library .It consists of

familiarizing the user with all those techniques and tools which lead them to the treasure of

knowledge hidden in library holdings including non-book reading materials . In short it involves

helping the user to find his/her information by himself /herself. User education presupposes

personalized service and helps training and orientation of the user with the presumption that he

needs if, for that, user is trained in the use of the library so that he/she could reach the document of

their interest with out any body's help. Summarily, user education aims at making user selfdependent.

Libraries and Information centers should...