The effect of music on drivers

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Music has a big affect on how people decide to drive. Listening to rapid music in your car may have a danger of getting an accident. Parents have noticed that when their children listen to heavy rock or rap they get out of control. However, when they listen to classical or quiet music they aren't as pushy.

A study of over 3000 drivers conducted by a local motor retailer shows that the music they listen to while driving affects their mood there for their driving. People of all ages have this trouble. Research has shown a link between loud music and dangerous driving.

Drivers say rap and other music such a techno make them feel "pumped up". Nevertheless, this affect has the opposite affect, emphasizing their aggressive feelings rather that being relaxed. People know they have this problem because when they listen to no music they are calmer and do not panic in situations.

When they listen to classical music, they become more relaxed and might see a distraction on the road.