Effect of Music Therapy on Schizophrenia

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Effect of Music Therapy For PeopleWith Schizophrenia's Acclimation to New Social EnvironmentsUniversity of DenverSchizophrenia is a psychotic disorder that affects multiple psychological processes that include: hallucinations, process of thought, delusions, emotion, behavior, concentration, and judgment. These psychological and behavioral processes constitute a variety of impairments in social and occupational functioning (Anonymous, 1997). Wing and Brown (1970) suggest that these psychological and behavioral processes predispose people with schizophrenia to social withdrawal, which allows the patient to have a low stimulation environment that can lead to further deterioration of the brain.

Music therapy is a form of social skills training used to promote active participation, emotional expression and demonstration, promotion of self-esteem, and improvement of motor performance (Wen-Ying, Zheng, Yong-Zhen, Hong-Yi, & Bio, 1998). The role of the music therapist to the client is to establish a gentle, safe disposition, which does not dispirit the client (Tyson, 1979). Silverman (2003) described a song contingency program in place for one client by a music therapist.

The program was setup so that if the client acted appropriately toward his treatment team, he would be allowed 15 minutes of songwriting time. During the private songwriting time the musical therapist and one healthcare staff member supervised the client. The music therapist does not share his thoughts or ideas because it can alter the client's lyrics, therefore the lyrics are solely the client's representation of thoughts.

The effects of different methods of music therapy on the reduction of negative symptoms for populations with schizophrenia or severe psychoses have only been in a few studies. Wen-Ying et al. (1998) had group and individual sessions where participants would listen to music or play musical instruments in an improvised manner followed by a discussion session. There were also sessions for music appreciation, stories, games, and differentiation between distinct rhythms and...