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The Internet has had the largest effect on our lives. What sort of a tool has the internet become that it has altered the way people live, the way they think and the way they interact? Let’s discuss the impact the internet is having on our society, our perspective, and our imagination.

“Today, 78% of American households have at least one computer (of that 39% report a multi-computer household) and 63% are connected to the internet, and 75% of the Americans currently have access to the internet.” (United States Department of Commerce, 2006)From the way people live, work and entertain ourselves, the internet has created a whole new level of involvement. Society has become reliant on quick access to information, the ability to send and receive files, messages and communication. (Cummings, 2002, p. 9) Many activities that were previously conducted outside the home, where individuals would interact with other members of their community, have now been replaced with other means.

(Goget, 2002, p. 187) Banks use the internet to transfer money, grocery shopping can be done online, and birthday cards can be sent. The use of the internet is boundless. The way people live their lives today is in direct correlation to the advancement of technology.

Its creation has changed the way people function on a daily basis. (Katz, 2002) Because of this technology, and its popularity, our lives have increasingly been affected. I am currently enrolled in an online course which has changed the way I view, and participate in, education. The internet also allows me to have instant access with friends who are placed across the globe, thus influencing my ability to communicate more effectively with them. The instant access to friends across the world has also changed my view of the global society.

The invention...