Effect Of Socio Economic Status On Children In Grade 6 In Jamaica

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Background To The Problem

During the researchers years of experience in teaching grade six students at a primary school in the parish of St. Andrew for the past 12 years it was observed that socioeconomic status affected their academic achievement. Some students perform well while some students performed poorly academically. In analyzing the results of these students academic performance it was evident that students who performed well were from working class homes while those who perform poorly were from lower class homes.

It was noted that students from working class background are better behaved and come to school more prepared to learn than those who come from the lower class, because they attend classes irregularly, do not buy school books, are always hungry and sleeping in class and are usually disrespectful and disruptive.

There was distinct difference in these students? behaviour, attitude and expectations this was linked to the different social classes and their up-bringing.

This created a major challenge for me and other grade six teachers.

The researcher saw this as a major problem and decided to do research to analyze the impact socio economic status has on the academic performance of grade six students.

Grade six levels were targeted because they were at a critical stage when they are assessed to determine the school they will be placed into to continue there secondary education.

The Purpose Of Study

Is to investigate the various problems which affected students from different social classes and the impact on their academic achievement.

It will help teachers to understand the problems students faced at home and how these problems will influence their behaviour, attitude and academic performance.

The answers from this study will educate and sensitize teachers influencing them to be more patient with students from lower class background and help them to...