The effect summer and winter holidays pose on the environment, and comparing the effect between the two.

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Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in our world today, soaring at a 625 million (US dollars) a year on profit worldwide. Economically less developed countries have found this as a quick way for their country to make money for their people. This is because it provides many needed jobs, thus making the unemployment levels decrease. The increase of stress in our society has made people want to take more holidays, in order to "get away" from it all, and a nice sandy beach, or some beautiful ski resorts, just might be the exact thing they're looking for. Also when people are given the "Golden Handshake" (A lucrative severance agreement offered to an employee typically as an inducement to retire ) the first thing they want to do is go on vacation. However, what the tourists don't know, or what they pretend they don't know, is in fact, that tourism can harm our environment, in ire-constructible ways.

Tourism has had a constant decrease since its peak point in the 1980's. This is because the places which used to be mass tourist locations, such as the Costa del Sol, in the south of Spain, are not as attractive as they used to be. The reason for this is that when tourism started pouring into this area in the 1970's, they left it leaving unattractive, from physical destruction, to cultural. Some of the physical destruction consists of litter, and the pollution of the sea water and beaches. Another form of visual pollution is the older hotels, which were built hastily at the times of the peak years of tourism. Now, these hotels look run down, and create the skyline to look ugly, and dirty, while blocking the view of the mountains. Crime has also increased in these areas, such...