The Effect Of War

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War is only the pointless killing of innocent people and soldiers in a conflict that could be easily settled by more humane, economic, and mature ways. War is a chaotic, inevitable event that I personally don't agree with, but oddly provides the conditions for a new and better future. The mindless destruction and reckless mayhem caused by war is unnecessary and very costly. In World War I alone, almost 15 million civilians died and just over eight million soldiers were killed in four years of fighting. Another disturbing fact is the crash of the social and economic structure for some of the countries involved. Women and young boys forced to work in the factories to provide for their families and a serious cause of conflict with the men who remained in the factories. Many good men and boys were lost or killed in the fighting, pointless fighting over trivial reasons which could have been solved patiently and effectively through diplomatic negotiating.

Thanks to today's media, we have become de-sensitized, impatient war mongers who love to kick third world ass because someone's father couldn't do it right the first time. Rather than send in relief packages and peacekeepers into the region to help the oppressed people, we decide we should start a war to get their oil. At least three wars in the last 60 years have been started almost exclusively because of one country's attempt to flex some military muscle via technology. The Cold War with the communists, the War on Terrorism, and the current war in Iraq. One country displays an "act of aggression" towards another and then BOOM!, a war has started with deadlier, bigger and "better" weapons. Another problem I have with current and past wars are the claims that they are liberating an oppressed people.