Effect of a "white" culture of African and American Indian literature

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Incorporation into the dominate "white" culture plays a critical role in American Indian and African literature during the time periods we now refer to as Colonial Literature and Literature of the New Republic. From how these types of people's works were marketed, to how it influenced their individual writing, American Indians and African's were molded and influenced, whether directly or indirectly, to better fit into the prominent culture of the day.

The white people had a profound effect on the existence of the native peoples of America. At first, the Europeans were friendly to the natives, as described in The Coming of the First White Man, when the author discusses the first time contact was made with the Europeans, saying:

"...After they had taken them [the Indians] throughout the whole ship,

they took them to the railing.

they gave them things.


and sugar

and pilot bread

were given to them to take along.

They were told how to cook them..."

The Indians were curious and excited about the new friendly people, who were thought to be "the Raven," the creator of the world, but soon these thoughts would change. They Came from the East tells of the white men's destruction wrecked on the Indian's way of life.

"...Then with the true God, the true Dios,

came the beginning of our misery...

...the beginning of strife by trampling on people,

the beginning of robbery with violence,

the beginning of forced debts,

the beginning of individual strife,

a beginning of vexation."

The native people of America were given the choice to either conform to the culture of the white man, or die. This idea can be seen clearly through the native's poetry and works of literature during the Colonial Literature.

The native Indians were not the only ones affected by the...