Effective Advertising Planning and Implementation Paper

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Effective Advertising Planning and Implementation Paper

Advertising message

The advertising message for the iPhone emphasizes a sense that although there are certainly challenges in life, the advancement of technology will never ceases to exist. Apple's iPhone is one of the company's most significant and fashionable products (Apple Introduces the iPhone 5, 2012). The 30-second shorts focus on specific aspects of why the new device - which doesn't look terribly different from the two generations of iPhone before it - is indeed better than what you've seen come out of Apple before. The message highlights that a person's life is often demanding and hectic, and that it can be eased by the one-stop-shop advanced tool with the 4-inch Retina display and dual core A6 chip for blazing fast performance (Apple Introduces the iPhone 5, 2012). Overall, the message promotes the consumers' attention while making the iPhone tantalizing.

To who is it directed

The product is directed to everyone, regardless of age or sex.

The iPhone has applications which cater to all demographics. For instance, a person can find directions just asking the phone trough the Siri application to a destination or send an email to an acquaintance. The iPhone 5 is in all actuality still a phone, and as such, it is essentially targeting everyone who feels the need to own one or want to be on the edge of technology. Also the advertising message is directed to technology lovers.

Relationship between consumer behavior and target markets

Consumer behavior has the ability to establish trends, and as such, the target market may potentially be modified. In our scenario, the iPhone 5 is not necessary a requirement for many of its user, but since it has become a trend to own one; the target market has expanded to user who...