How effective is the 'best value' model of management? Illustrate your answer by assessing the reliability of BVPIs as a measurement of police performance and alternative models of management

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The police service is one of the most important of all the public services. Effective policing is fundamental to a safe and secure society.

The British public police carry out a varied and vigorous number of duties. They are responsible for maintaining order, preserving life and preventing crime among many others. Due to the many different aspects of policing it can be extremely difficult to accurately measure police performance. Throughout this essay I will attempt to evaluate the effectiveness of the 'best value' model of management. I aim to do this by looking at other models and comparing them with the best value model. I ultimately hope to come to a conclusion as to whether the best value model can be used to effectively measure police performance in today's society.

What are performance indicators?

A measure that shows the degree to which key processes achieve a desired level of performance for the policing system.

Performance indicators convey judgments about the adequacy of policing objectives or the quality of policing processes. Performance indicator systems monitor progress in achieving program goals and contribute to improvements by assessing implementation in terms of achieving desired objectives of the critical program processes.


At national level the Home Office, the Audit Commission and HMIC monitor police performance through a framework of performance measures and an inspection/review programme.

Best Value

In 1999 the Local Government Act 1999 was introduced which meant that police authorities had the responsibility of ensuring best value throughout police forces. The Government requires police authorities to ensure that their forces are delivering best value services. Best value reviews measure the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the police service. This is accomplished by using the five c's as is commonly known. It is the responsibility of each force to:

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