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Effective Business Communication

Communications Report |

Effective Business Communications |


Effective Business Communications

Prepared for

Prepared by

November 13, 2012

Letter of Authorization

Alvin C. Miles

Director of Business Development

Lecturer of Management

EMBA Coles College of Business

Kennesaw State University

October 29, 2012

Team Green Fusion

EMBA Coles College of Business

Kennesaw State University

Dear Team Green Fusion:

The documents (3 in total) directly beneath this assignment should be used to complete your formal communications report. This assignment is broken in to two parts: your team's evaluation of your assigned team's individual presentations and the formal communications report.

This is to be a team assignment.

This assignment is to be completed by November 18th

Business report and presentation slides are available for review in the Business Communication Learning Module. Please look at the notes associated with each slide for additional information:

A Microsoft Word template has also been supplied as a starting point for the formal report.

If there are questions, the team is expected to delineate guidelines through research, inquiry, and rational decision making. I anticipate that teams will search for formal report guidelines to get specificity on structure, or look up white papers to read sample abstracts. In a Master's program, this is the expectation. Each report will vary according to the interpretation of the requirements by the team members. Some will focus the recommendation and action steps section on the process and overall team product - some will apply this at the individual level. Both are correct approaches, but made better through an explanation of the process in the Letter of Acceptance. Letters of Acceptance and Transmittal are formal business letters.

You are encouraged to use the discussion board to ask questions, seek clarification or offer observations about this assignment. Additionally, you are encouraged to...