How effective is competency based training.

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HR130 Competence Based Training Assignment

1.1 Executive summary

The purpose of this report is to provide a clear picture on what competence based training is and whether it is feasible to introduce it into our medium sized engineering company. The report should equip the senior management with enough information to change their vague impression on what competence based training is.

To achieve this purpose the report details a clear definition, development of competence based training and the key elements of the whole process to ensure that the later analysis is understood. This information is based on various sources which are detailed in the bibliography.

The main findings of the report are that competence based training is a new training system that is time consuming to construct and difficult to implement especially when adapting a pre constructed model e.g. an NVQ (3.1). Although if the right approach is taken and the system is adopted over a number of years then it can be somewhat effective to an organisation.

1.2 Introduction

This report has been written to provide information on the feasibility of a competence based training system in a medium sized engineering firm as requested by senior management. The methods used in providing this information have consisted of applying and drawing conclusions from researching both academic and non-academic sources through books, company reports, business articles and the internet. The structure is designed to build the knowledge of the reader from providing a base through a definition and background information on the topic, to understanding the different areas relevant to competence based training to lead to making a final decision through the analysis and recommendations sections.

2.1 Definition

When someone is said to be competent it means they have "the ability to perform activities to the standards required in employment, using an...