Effective Delegation.

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The act of assigning activities to employees is called delegation. Managers delegate work to free their own time for other activities and decision making. Employees to whom managers assign tasks in return receive responsibility or the power to make decisions and act on them so the can carry out their responsibility. Delegation skill is the ability to effectively assign task responsibility and authority to others. Or, in other words, delegation skill is your ability to get things done by using work and time of other people. Delegating is not a way for mangers to get out of work they do not want to do as they still have to manage the tasks that were delegated. As a manager, when I delegate it allows my staff to use and develop their skills and knowledge to their full potential and allows the staff to learn new things.

As the accounts receivable manager of five collectors and one lease coordinator I found that I was working twelve hours days five days a week.

I had my every day job and my boss was delegating to me additional task. I had to find a way to free up more time so I could manage my team effectively. Planning was the first step to delegating. I had to determine which tasks I would give to each employee and I had to set the time to train the employee on exactly what I wanted accomplished. I had to ensure that they knew what I wanted, they had the authority to achieve it, and they knew how to do it. I could have just told the employee which buttons to click on the keyboard but I wanted to go in detail as to what they were doing and why. Not only would this give them a detail...