Effective Discipline

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The question at hand is whether or not there is a specific model for implementing effective discipline. The situations that require discipline vary immensely; therefore there should be different manners of which discipline is handled for each separate situation. This is the problem: there is no specific manner or guidebook that managers or supervisors are able to follow to create an atmosphere of fair and un-biased treatment. The idea of discipline differs a great deal between managers, even if they are amongst each other in their line of work or industry. Basically, the manners that are used to give discipline are entirely dependent upon the manager¡¦s personal traits or their personal beliefs. The goal should be to create an environment where everyone feels safe and knows that they shall receive fair treatment under any circumstance. This is one of the most important aspects of discipline: the fairness. In a world that everyone is so ¡§sue-happy¡¨ and ready to drop a lawsuit at the slightest sign of prejudice or anything discriminatory, a manager¡¦s job has become increasingly more difficult.

As an employer there are many rules and violations that must be obeyed and avoided respectively. Ever since the creation of unions and other sorts of organizations that are present to insure the safety or the security of employees, many new and never thought of violations are there to be followed. There are certain procedures that are deemed necessary to be legal. Discipline can be handled based solely on following all these rules, but there are easier ways to do this and avoid all the procedural jargon.

The easiest approach to effective discipline is creating a set of rules that define misconduct and the consequences that will follow. The setting up of a specific foundation for discipline will create a sense of...