Effective Meetings: Building Teams Through Communication

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Effective Meetings: Building Teams Through Communication

Why is it that any single meeting may be a waste of time, an irritant, or a barrier to the achievement of an organization's objectives? Good meetings are rare, but you know when you are attending one. The schedule and purpose are clear, participants are prepared, conversation is dynamic, and the meeting ends promptly, with next steps defined and clarified among all participants.

The true mark of a great leader is how the he or she can elevate the surrounding team. This is true with effective communication within business meetings. Former Chief Executive Officer of General Electric, Jack Welch (n.d.), once said, " We bring together the ideas, turning the meetings of our top managers into intellectual orgies."

"Communication" has grown to be a fashionable yet hackneyed word in the business world over the past several years. It is articulated calculatingly, however too freely, with little thought behind the true impact of it.

Some managers may sorrowfully state that if only the employees communicated more effectively, the desired result may have been achieved. In reality, it seems apparent that we all need to learn how to communicate. Possessing the appropriate tools is the precursor for effective meetings; experience will yield results. Effective communication is the appropriate tool.

We need to have a blue print for successful meetings. Meetings should have a purpose, and those who attend the meeting should have knowledge of the intended objectives. Is a meeting necessary? The decision to have a meeting depends on a number of factors, one of which is the need you are attempting to satisfy. There are many possibilities:

· Collection or dissemination of information.

· Resolution of an office conflict or a difference of opinion.

· Searching for a majority decision or an evaluation on some...