Effective Organizational Promotion Process

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Promotion opportunities make different influence on job satisfaction. That comes because of that promotions can be implemented in various forms and be accompanied with diverse rewards. For instance, people receiving promotion for the length of service, although experience satisfaction from job but not in such an extent as employees, which receive promotion for the results achieved. Aside from, job promotion with salary increase of 10% usually does not give that pleasure as position promotion with a supplement of 20%. These differences can explain, why promotions on the level of high management bring larger contenting than advancements on the lower levels of organization.

Selection of staff for promotion is about selecting the right person for a higher job and it's a two-way process of companies to invite knowledgeable and talent applicant to enjoy higher designation within the firm. Before the actual interview process, short-listing is used for filtering for the right candidates to be promoted to higher positions.

Then the suitable candidates can be selected through these techniques. Some of the more popular selection techniques are the interviews, tests, and assessment centre.

InterviewsBy far interviewing is the most commonly used as a promotional selection tool. There are two structured interview techniques are behavioural and situational interview. During interview, the candidate can demonstrate their ability and present their expertise to the interviewers. The interviewers can make assessment by comparing the performance of each interviewee and promote the suitable candidate for particular position. The selection process at different stages of the enterprise is different; therefore, during the interview, the interviews can setup the assessment criteria to meet their need based on the requirements.

Assessment for PromotionInternal promotion process may generate a large number of applicants for vacant higher positions, especially when an open rather than a closed recruitment system is used. Initial assessment...