The Effective Rehabilitation Of Violent Juveniles

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Includes Teachers Comments and Notes throughout and at end!! The Effective Rehabilitation of Violent Juveniles Over the years, society has evolved to the point where it almost insists that juvenile offenders be given the opportunity to be rehabilitated. In my research for this paper, I was appalled to learn that the death penalty was once used for children as young as seven (Snyder & Sickmund, 1999, p. 86). [good attention-getting statement] Near the beginning of the last century, executing juveniles became socially unacceptable, even in the cases where juveniles had committed the most heinous crimes. Today's society wants and expects rehabilitation, even for the most violent juvenile offenders. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to the question of how to replace the lacking skills ["skills lacking"�] in a juvenile's psyche that led to his becoming an offender. If there were, then choosing an effective method of rehabilitation would be a simple process.

While there may be no easy formula for effective rehabilitation, there does appear to be [missing word "a"�] combination of programs that have consistently produced better results than others. As long as we as a society are basically a compassionate people, wanting to believe that there is an inherent goodness in children (Nilan, 1997, p. 1), we will continue to strive to rehabilitate juveniles, even the most violent offenders. Effective rehabilitation would involve teaching skills that most violent juvenile offenders lack in a long-term, intensive rehabilitation program. [good introduction--it builds up to your thesis nicely] The most successful rehabilitation programs will meet certain criteria. At a minimum, these criteria include: The rehabilitation program must cover a period of time that is long enough to ensure that the juvenile has made a true change. The program should include intensive individual counseling. The program should train the juvenile in various...