EFFECTIVE STUDY: How To Have Good Study Skills

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Effective learning depends upon good study skills, but "Many students?both traditional an nontraditional?entering college have few, if any, practical study skills" (Huber 29). Good study skills do not simply occur; they must first be learned and then applied consistently. Efficient study strategies include a preset time, a desirable place, and a well-designed plan for study.

A Time for Study

Many of us think we have more to do than we time to do, and studying gets shortchanged. It is important to prepare a schedule of daily activities that includes time slots for doing the studying you have to do. Within each slot, write in the specific study activity; for example, "Read Unit 6 in Modern Writing, answer Questions 1-10." Keep the schedule flexible so that it can be modified if you meet your study goals early?or late.

A Place to Study

Choose the best pace to study and use the same time each day.

Doing so will help you to put in a study mood when you enter that place. Choose a place that has the fewest distractions: people traffic, conversation, telephone, TV, and outside noises. Usually study is the best done in the absence of sights and sounds that distract the eye and ear. Force the mind to focus intently on the study task (Silver 26).

A Plan to Study

Research on the effects of specific study skills in student performance suggests that the following study tactics help to improve academic performance (Dansereau 39).

1.Skim a unit or a chapter, noting headings, topic sentences, key words, and definitions to clue you to what you are going to study.

2.As you read the material, covert the heading into questions; the seek answers to those questions as you read.

3. If you own the...