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Explaining Effective Study SkillsMr. Student, it has been brought to my attention that you believe that you can work full-time at Domino's and pursue an online degree in Business Management without modifying your study habits that you used in high school. If this is in fact your intention; please allow me to offer you some insight.

Online/Distance learning is "No Joke", Joe. I am actually taking that same course that you have registered for right now. I can assure you that those old tricks from high school are not going to be sufficient enough for distance learning.

You may be used to sitting in a conventional class room where you would listen to your teacher give blocks of instruction as he/she summarized the chapter for the class while you took notes. You are probably used to getting together with study groups as well. You may even be used to having your questions answered on the spot by your teachers and class mates.

I know that you are used to having your books on hand to flip through the pages for quick reference.

Online/Distance learning is quite the opposite of what you are used to from high school. For instance, you will never actually meet your Instructor or class mates. Every thing you do is via the internet/computer to include your books. No one is at class at the same time, so you will never get quick/on the spot answers for any of your questions. You will have to read all your material for assignments well enough in advance that you will have ample time to wait for an answer to any questions you may have pertaining to an assignment. There are no study groups either; you are expected to understand and do your own work, which means that you will...