Effective team

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Effective team

Being a part of a team is one of the effective ways to sustain in today's competitive world. Without support and coordination, we cannot grow ourselves and move ahead in life. Most of us are engaged in some form of team work in the form of discussion group, friendship zone, sports team, etc which improves our task accomplishment ability and interpersonal skills. No one knows everything, so it is better to be involved in a team and learn from each other which increase the efficiency and effectiveness of task being achieved.

A team develops an individual's interpersonal skill, collaboration skill, leading skill, and other social skills hence can lead to the personal growth and development. For e.g. when we work in a university's project work, we interact with all group members hence improving our communication skill, collaborate with them improving our social skill and we tend to lead or direct the group hence improving our leading skill.

Involvement in team creates different innovative approach to solve a problem, analysis of an aspect from various mindsets and introduction of more amount of information which is essential for organizational effectiveness.

We know a team is effective when

Members become more effective working in together than alone.

Team members clearly understand the leadership authority and decision process. And such leadership authority rotates over time.

Individual difference of the team members are appreciated and utilized well.

Members have high level of trust for each other.

Members are interdependent and their collective and interactive efforts determine the effectiveness and efficiency of entire team.

Team members understand the purpose of team and work for the accomplishment of the team's goal and mission. (intuit.quickbase)