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Most businesses require a technology support team in order to resolve internal and external problems effectively and efficiently. For some businesses it is more ethical to outsource a technology support team; while larger businesses find it more convenient to form their own support departments within. Technology support is a very important aspect of a company when in relation to customer, employee, and network support. Factors in building an effective technical support team may involve people with customer-based personalities, knowledge of product service, and the company's values and ethics. These factors are important in order to appease all types of issues that a company faces on a day-to-day basis.

As mostly everyone knows, people have all sorts of personalities and at times these personalities may clash. In customer service or a support team one would be able to control his or her personality and be able to adapt to the individual who he or she may be helping.

Customer service representatives may face some harsh times with customer dissatisfaction problems, at which time that person must be able to deal with the situation and still maintain their composure. How customer service representatives handle such situations reflects directly on to the company in which they are affiliated. When personnel that can handle any situation or issue at hand without being consumed with stress themselves, it also helps to form a stronger bond among coworkers. Problems can be worked out through individuals and rarely having to go to upper management to resolve. Personalities and attitudes can go a long way in technical support. Personality and knowledge can be even better.

Employee training can also affect the technology support from within a company. Some companies fail to train their employees well enough to be able to answer technical questions or solve technical problems...