Effective Use of Laws

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Effective Use of Laws

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June 10, 2009

Effective Use of Laws

Effective use of laws can make the difference between a just or unjust decision. In a review of several contractual issues the separation of each by the different laws which give precedence to the decisions a judge may pass. Using these cases as a catalyst for decision making gives us some idea as to how judges may rule on cases. Several laws that may apply to each scenario however; the correct law for each case is the objective of Team D. Once the law that precedes each case is given an explanation of the choice will follow. Bear in mind that there may be some significant evidence submitted that may provide proof for one or more laws that may apply but the goal is to choose the correct applicable law.

First let's explore the case of Grocery Inc. v Masterpiece Construction Company. Grocery Inc. Company chose the construction firm of Masterpiece Construction to remodel one of its stores located on Main Street in Anytown, USA. Due to the fact Masterpiece Construction Company has overextending itself with contracts Masterpiece made a decision to subcontract the job to Build Them To Fall Construction Company. Build Them To Fall began the remodeling job for Grocery Inc. who was not notified by Masterpiece Construction they were not performing the job but that it was a subcontractor Build Them To Fall.

Grocery Inc dissatisfied with the work Build Them To Fall was performing communicated their displeasure to Masterpiece. According to "The Legal Environment of Business" (Cheeseman, 2007) this is an issue of Breach of Contract under which the courts may rule for the plaintiff...