Effective utilization and protection of land resource for sustainable economy growth of China

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At the first glance of the choice between whether there is more need for land to be in its natural condition or more need for land to be developed for housing and industry, it seems that China certainly need more land for industry and housing development, simply because we have a huge and increasing population of over thirteen thousand million and have strong economy development necessity as a developing country. Nevertheless, I consider it is sagacious to preserve our land in natural condition while keep developing the economy regarding the following concerns.

The very first concern is about natural land resource protection, for the simple reason that balanced natural environment is the basis of economy development. Countless evidence has been given that how unbalanced sourcing of land could diminish our economic achievement effortlessly. Increasing arising sandstorms in north central China began to impose negative effect on economy progress in this area.

Decreased number of tourist as well as business activity in the season when sandstorm blows, and consequently resulted in a slow down in local economy development. Proved by scientific research, sandstorms follow the deforestation of the shelterbelt westward to this region, which used to be much wide and stronger before. The broken natural balance could not be easily recovered and will continuously affect negatively to the economy development.

The second concern is that we do not always need more land for any further development of housing and industry by creating more space on the limited land. According to the latest progress of urban design science and technology, it is technically possible to built urban area where can support more population in an economic and balanced manner. By creating a metropolitan area surrounded by small but fully functioned cities, and by constructing buildings with high space-efficiency, whether for residential...