How Effectively does Orwell Introduce the reader to the New Society of 1984, in Chapter One of Novel? George Orwell 1984

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Orwell begins describing where Winston, who is the main character in the book, lives and what it is like. Winston lives in an inadequately named block of flats called Victory Mansions. It is a run down tower block that Orwell describes using adjectives and metaphors that appeal to the senses, like "the hallway smelt of cabbage and old rag mats." Straight away Orwell introduces the leader of the totalitarianism state, Big Brother, he does this by pointing out the oversized poster Big Brother at the end of the corridor. Orwell describes the figure in the picture as a "man of forty-five, with a heavy black moustache and ruggedly handsome features." Orwell's description of Big Brother, shows that Big Brother is a middle aged, dominant and virile man ( large moustache), yet his handsome features make him likeable and friendly. It shows that the party that is at the head of Oceania is very intelligent at selecting an icon and that allows them to keep patriotism in there country (like the U.SA's

uncle Sam). This poster of Big Brother was on every level of the block of flats as a constant reminder of the rules and greatness of the party, it shows that the people were constantly immersed in Big Brother ways. Under the poster it read "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU" this makes the reader suspicious of how controlling Big Brother really is and to add to that suspicion, Orwell says that Big Brother's eyes seem to follow you wherever you move.

Once Winston arrives into is flat, Orwell describes the "telescreen" but the comparisons to our own television stop, when we are told that it can not be switched off, to the reader this seems rather odd. Winston is then described as "smallish and frail" with a...