The effectiveness of the purpose of this text: a screenshot of a webpage from the 1996 encarta describing 'Fractals'.

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This text is a screenshot of the 1996 Encarta Encyclopaedia. The purpose of this text is to inform young people about fractals. Being of a CD-ROM format rather than a volume of books, it is suggested that the program is intended for a younger audience. A computer screenshot is characterized by the various layout features shown in this text. This includes interactive media such as links to other pages. The type of text is an encyclopaedia that is intended for a younger generation of viewers; this is not made obvious through the language features used.

The layout is clean and easy to read making the process of learning easy. The exact location of fractals can be established quickly through the use of subheadings. This is a very effective technique of organisation as the required topic is easily located for example fractals falls under science and technology. The use of highlighting of this subheading shows the viewer that the current page of fractals falls under this subheading.

There are many interactive links on this page providing an easy and very effective interface for navigation. Some of these include 'exploring fractals interactivity' and 'construction of a fractal snowflake' which is are links to other pages which will provide more information. These links are clearly shown with arrow symbols illustrated next to them to show they are links. Symbols such as arrows indicate movement and action which indicates that clicking on the text does something. This creates a user friendly interface through the use of common symbols to provide instruction.

The illustrations at the top left and middle of the page are not explained clearly. It makes it very difficult for the viewer to follow because there is no instruction to tell them what to do. The image in the top left is...